Holly Lotus Indigo, LMT

Holly Lotus Indigo, LMT

Holly Lotus Indigo, LMT

Holly Lotus began mentoring individuals in 2003 while serving in the United States Army. This intensive career experience laid a solid foundation for Holly in her drive to support people in creating structure and transformation in their lives.

Today, Holly has been an Access Bars™ practitioner since 2015. Holly received her License in Massage Therapy (LMT) in 2016. Her massage offerings include relaxation and connective tissue techniques, although most of her time spent with clients is focused on energy work. She has been trained in and practices many energetic processes and modalities to include, Access Bars, Access Energetic Facelift, Access Body Processes, Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Symphony Sessions, and ESSE energy and bodywork. She also integrates shamanic energies and processes into her work when the session requires it.

Holly has been an Access Bars™ facilitator since 2016, an Access Facelift Facilitator since 2017 and an Access Body Process Facilitator since 2018. She is currently an NCBTMB approved provider and can provide 8 CE hours to the participants of an Access Bars™ class.

Access Bars™ is an energetic process tool that facilitates a different way of functioning in your life. The Bars are 32 points on the head where you have stored all thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, emotions, and attitudes that you thought were important but cause you to project, expect and judge.

When you have your bars run, it’s like performing a disk cleanup on tour computer and hitting the delete button. It deletes all the limiting beliefs, points of view and behavioral patterns stored from childhood or past lifetimes—allowing you to be more present in your life without projecting your past into your future. By getting your bars run you are literally changing the probabilities of future possibilities.

Bars create a sense of space, ease, and relaxation for the client’s mind and body and being. As a Massage Therapist, the bars can contribute to you, your life and your business not only by having another wonderful process to offer your clients but by opening the space in your own world to get past the limitations that may be holding you back financially, in relationships, with business, with your own body and in many other ways that we may not normally consider.

In Holly’s words,

“Bars has changed so much more me! I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety after my deployments in the Army and once I was discharged I had a few really hard years of learning to cope and survive. I was taking 5-8 medications daily for my mental health issues and physical disabilities from being in a motorcycle accident. I was really struggling to hold it all together and still be a great single momma for my daughter.

I learned to heal my body, mind and being with many modalities and healthy eating but learning and receiving Access Bars was the true catalyst for me embracing and living a truly joyful and whole life! I personally have my Bars run at least once a week just to stay clear, joyful and effective. I am truly enthusiastic and grateful to get offer this process and greater possibilities to more of you in the Massage community!”


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