Claire Williams

Claire Williams

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Claire Williams

Claire Williams, the owner of Invoke Health & Wellness, is a Chinese medicine practitioner, an acupuncturist licensed in two states, and a Reiki Master Teacher.

Claire was attuned to the First and Second degrees of Reiki at the young age of 16. That experience charted the course for a lifetime of study and practice in various forms of healing/energy work. Reiki gave Claire the tools to cultivate and fine-tune her sense of connection to the divine. Soon, she had a dedicated meditation practice,  began exploring the healing powers of crystals, and was using oracle decks and tarot cards to bring clarity to her natural sense of intuition.

Claire spent several years traveling the world, during which her calling as a medical practitioner grew louder and louder. She wanted to add a scientifically-based modality to her existing energy work and thus pursued her Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. After five years of intensive study, Claire graduated with honors from one of the most prestigious schools in the United States, Yo San University. Since graduating, Claire has focused on integrating all the tools at her disposal into a traditional Chinese Medicine practice.

Today, Claire’s main treatment tools include Acupuncture, Herbs, Cupping/Gua Sha, and Energy Work. She also incorporates crystal & gem work, card readings, and Meizen into her healing sessions, depending on each patient’s individualized needs. Regardless of the modality, Claire remains passionate about the power of natural and authentic energy work as the pathway to optimal health.

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